Everything is designed.
Few things are designed well.

About Us

We are YOUR competent partner for Tiling, Bath and Kitchen renovations, Maintenance and Alterations in northern Johannesburg / Gauteng. We specialise in Terracotta, Natural Stone and large size tiles.

Founded on our experience we love what we do and don't believe in supervising. You get German workmanship at its best. That means a high quality standard, reliability, integrity and great customer service you can afford.

We have many years of experience with many types of tiles including Terracotta, rectified/calibrated tiles and large size tiles. Also the laying of any type of natural stone is part of our knowledge, Our team is composed of certified tilers, German certification, including master tilers and they will lay the tiles themselves not just supervise.

One of our specialised services is a complete bathroom renovation in 10 working days from start to finish.

We can install a barrier free shower during the bath renovation. Barrier free showers have the advantage of not requiring one to step into a tub and making the shower accessible to those that have restricted mobility.

We also have a large amount of experience in tiling and designing entertainment areas, including picking the right tiles for outside surfaces so that the risk of slipping is kept to a minimum. We strive to achieve a whole package feel so that your entertainment area looks like it fits into your garden and becomes an extension of your house and not just a patio that was placed there as an afterthought with little care to the whole picture.


Some work we have done in the past. There is still plenty of space in these blocks, make your bathroom our next portfolio feature!

Our Services

Some but not limited to services we offer to make your house a space you can call home, where everything come together to make a perfect design for your house and home


We offer complete bath renovations in 10 working days, from designing and planning your bathroom to the installation of the bathroom accessories at the end.
Your benefit:

  • One quote - One price
  • No hidden costs
  • Everything from a single source - no dealing with different contractors.
  • No coordination work from your side
  • We will remove the old fixtures, tub, basin, etc., strip the wall and floor covering. If needed we will replace the pipes, re-plaster the room and prepare for laying the new tiles. After laying and grouting the new tiles, which you have choosen, we will install the new fixtures, paint the walls and ceilings and thereby insure that your new bathroom is no longer an eyesore.

    Design and planning: We will design your bathroom to be comfortable and as space efficient as possible while incorporating your wishes.

    Vanity: We offer custom made vanities built to your specifications.

    Cost: A bathroom renovation starts at about R 75,000.00 depending on the size of the bathroom, as well tiles and fittings choosen. A bathroom renovation with both a new shower and bathtub will start at R 85,000.00.

    Barrier free shower: A barrier free shower, also known as a walk in shower, has the advantage of allowing any person, even those with restricted mobility to easily enter it and removes the dangers of slipping while stepping into the bath tub or shower tub. A barrier free shower can be equipped with grab bars and depending on size with a shower seat.


    Alterations like

  • building an extra bedroom, study or bathroom
  • changing an existing room or garage

  • add to the resale value of your home.

    In some cases you might need plans to be drawn and approved. In that case we work with an experienced architect and an experienced engineer. We will accompany you through the whole process.

    Property Maintenance

  • Repairs and maintenance for home owners and complexes
  • Expansion joints
  • Give your house a facelift before you sell it to increase the resale value
  • Our Team

    Highly trained experts, could probably land a bouing 777 on a heli pad with a blindfold on whilst taking a sip of beer.

    Director / Tiler

    German Mastertiler, Builder and Plumber, 41 years of experience, worked across Europe, especially in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Spain.

    Special knowledge: what should we say, 41 years of experience in Europe and South Africa speaks for itself.


    Tiler / Plumber

    Joined the family business after matriculating successfully (German level exams) in 2009 and successfully finished his German apprenticeship.

    Special knowledge: Sealing, Interior waterproofing and design.

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